How it works.

  • Temperature

    Lowers the temperature of enclosed refrigeration environment, helping to keep it at the optimal temperature and the humidity, giving you the perfect storage for your fresh produce making if feel crisp, clean & fresh as the day you purchased it.

  • Longer life

    Increases storage the life of your produce by up to 50%.  Not only saving you money here but also on the running cost of your Cool-rooms and Freezers reducing de-frost cycles in your Freezers therefore saving you $ on energy costs.

  • Bacteria Control

    Reduces the spread of bacteria in your Cool-rooms, this works by filtering out heat, odour & moisture by absorbing excess humidity from the air but also releasing moisture back in the air, always maintaining the optimal environment for your food storage.

  • Energy life

    Our Filters work around the clock with no power requirements or moving parts. Your Cool-room will run more efficiently and affectively by reducing the running costs of your motors and compressors saving up to 40% wear and tear on them as well as your wallet.  In the event of a power outage we can keep a normal walk in Cool-room with the Filters installed, cooler for 10 more hours than without the Filters.

  • No more bad odours

    Would it be nice to walk into your Cool-room at the start of your day and not be faced with the bad odours that you have smelt so often?  With our Filters, not only is that bad odour gone, our Filters help with cross contamination of food odours.  The Filters prevent condensation building up which can lead to fungi growth in your Cool-rooms causing mould, mildew and bad odours.

  • Up to 50%

    Increases the storage life of food and defrost cycles by up to 50%