Humitech Perth


Saves you money.

Significantly reduces the spoilage of food and fresh produce

Humidity control.

Optimises humidity levels through a unique filtration process

Safer workplace.

Prevents condensation build up on floors and ceilings

Environmentally friendly.

100% natural mineral-based product reducing the spread of bacteria

Our affordable, safe & environmentally friendly filters can solve your refrigeration problems. We’d love to help you.

Who can benefit from our product?

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Florists, Hospitals, Butchers, Grocers, Aged Care Facilities and more!


Humitech filters are proven to create the ideal refrigeration environment at a competitive price, meanwhile cutting running and energy costs for your business. Using tested filtration technology, our filters offer a non-toxic and safe solution to your refrigeration problems. Why not give it a go with our 14 day free trial and experience the benefits!

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Don’t just take our word for it

“The Humitech product is outstanding. Prior to having the filters installed at San Churros, we noticed our cakes were going dry after 2 days. Since having the Humitech filters our cakes and fruit are lasting much longer. We would highly recommend the filter product.”