the basic science.

HUMITECH filters operate by filtering air and water particles through an unrefined and 100% natural mineral compound called Sorbite. What makes Sorbite unique from any other mineral is its ability to act as a humidity buffer by rapidly absorbing and releasing moisture, and thereby controlling humidity levels. In doing so, the filter increases fresh produce shelf life by up to 50% by maintaining optimal humidity levels. This also means the mineral absorbs and holds onto airborne bacteria, thus eliminating cross contamination and odours.  Consider the filters your refrigeration’s best friend!

It’s in the Sorbite.

like honeycomb.

Independent scientific testing has proven that due to its unique structure, Sorbite™ is able to absorb up to 48% of its own weight in moisture, up to 79% of Ethylene gas (produced by ripening fruits, vegetables, and flowers), and up to 99% of acetic acid gases trapped within cold storage environments.  It is this rare 3 dimensional structure (similar to honeycomb) that acts as a molecular sieve, trapping contaminated water molecules in the pores of the HUMITECH filter. Say hello to fresher and cleaner conditions within days!